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The First Oyster: Natures New Treat

I have often wondered, who ate the first oyster and the circumstances surrounding this amazing feat. Whoever it was either was exceedingly desperate or exceedingly brave! Perhaps, they were both!  I now know who it was!  It was you!

Ostreidae Ja 20090114
chesapeake bay oysters: natures treat

A glint of light  – Sparks

Drawn Interest – Bottom Rocks

Water Races – Swift with this tide

Shimmering light – Bottom dances to syncopated rhythm

More moons than rocks – Some yawn

Rocks don’t yawn!

A smile – hints of motion

More than sun and surf – partners in deception

OysterYou bend, you stare.

More than meets the eyes – Natures transformers

Your hand under the surface,

 you touch – a click

Moonscapes craggy surface – oval – edged stone

Above the water – a rock again

Ready to skip across the slew – or fell a bird for supper

No! – More lies within!

A slight line, a fringe

The thin edge weeps

What would a god hide inside such a strong box?

Twisting and puling – no bonds do break

Stone knapps stone – searching for the point within

At last a crack – the gods tears weep out

Your blade finds purchase

Wedge and Pry to find the prize

Such a vault – Gods Food?

OysterimageTaste it? – Eat it?

There must be a first

Sweet tear drenched morstle

Heavens Elixir – Hungers Reliever

Natures New Treat

As always, your comments are appreciated!

5 Responses

  1. Tom, I know being a native to the surrounding shores of the Chesapeake Bay I am naturally suppose to enjoy the bivalve molluscs native to out fair lands. I have tried, every way that I can think of, raw, steamed, fried, covered in other deliciousness, but try as I might I still haven’t developed a taste for them. However, my brothers will tell you that I turn out some pretty fine fried oysters and that my oyster stew, my Dad’s recipe, is the best you’ll ever eat, so the next time you are “back home” stop on by and try some out. As for me, I’ll be munching on a crab cake, MD Crab Soup… or maybe some manose that’s good eating. Wonderful poem though, Sister Frances Mirium is pround of you!

  2. You and my sister Lucy. She also never has acquired the taste for these tears of the gods. But thats OK Pam. We can share crab cakes too. I will take you up on the fried oysters also!

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