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Chesapeake Minutes

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Chesapeake Blues: soft rock

Posted on August 18, 2011 by Thomas W. Loker No nettles seen – that’s good! The nets push flipping tender tasty morsels up and over – the gulls

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The First Oyster: Natures New Treat

I have often wondered, who ate the first oyster and the circumstances surrounding this amazing feat. Whoever it was either was exceedingly desperate or exceedingly

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Report Reveals Employed Physicians Losing Money for Employers

organizations that had doctors working as employees had a median loss over $175,000 per physician per year on the services they performed.
If those physicians that have already aggregated and sold out their practices are still losing in excess of $175,000 per year, what does this portend for independent practice physicians today?

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S2E9 Healthcare is Hostile

Hostile Environment 30% of Hospitals have violated the Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act – EMTALA. 4,341 violations have occurred in 1,682 hospitals in the

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S2E8 – Healthcare is Hostile

While roughly 10% of all professions report abusive behavior, the numbers for Healthcare are over 30%.  Healthcare is a hostile environment in more ways than

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