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Susan Rice: Dupe, fool or Conspirator?

Susan Rice Article
susan rice article

As this story rapidly begins to unwind, I have to wonder about poor Susan Rice. For the first time in her life she gets the opportunity to address a national forum and elevate her creds and national visibility in order to move to her next career milestone.
I wonder if she ever asked herself, “Why is Hilary not doing this?” Was she so caught up in the moment that her ego prevented any cogitation? Did she really believe that her ‘friends’ in the #ObamaNation were recognizing her abilities and finally giving her, her just desserts? Did she believe that she was finally getting her payoff for years of blind support and obedience to the cause?
The real question I have is, was Susan just used as a fool or was she a co-conspirator in this attempted fraud? No longer the subject of conjecture, even the main stream media has seen their blood pressure raises a few points over this one and begin to ask the critical questions peeling back the layers exposing the depth of the fraud. Clearly this was a political calculation.  While some seem to want to infer the blame rests with Hillary in an attempt to preserve a presidential run it the future.  That also belies common sense and style. Hillary  Rodam has a much more deft touch than this ham handed machination. I think Axelrod should be called to the Congressional hot seat as this has his fingerprints all over it.
This is not Watergate, it is doesn’t even rise to the level of some of the affronts to truth that came out of Tammany Hall back in the day. Yet it is disturbing, or it should be, to us as Americans, that our government would so bend the facts for no other reason than political gain.
We are a gracious and understanding people. We will allow fact bending for national security, we will even allow fact bending for our own peace of mind but we do not tolerate fact bending for individual or group gain. Regardless of Ms. Rice’s role in this, as fool or conspirator, she no longer should have any shot at a position of national trust. In the end this is sad, as despite her apparent ego and self adulation she appeared to be a dedicated and intelligent woman.
Perhaps in the future she will choose her friends a little more carefully!

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