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Episode 1-11: Helplessly Hoping HR-20-1.11


We are helpless in fixing our system and hoping our politicians actually care.

We are helplessly hoping that our current healthcare system will improve. All the while, our professional political class in Washington is hell-bent on destroying what we have in a quest for a single-payer, federal government-run system.

1980-2010 saw a time when the government changed our national economic system and fundamentally crippled our healthcare system along the way, and no one seems to know this. Find out why!

Today we see the effects of runaway costs on our healthcare system. 1980-2010 was the time in America when systemic problems in our economy were coming home to roost. Our government came up with several fixes to try to avoid the pain of our past mistakes. Unfortunately, these economic changes included many healthcare policies and programs that further integrated the healthcare issues into the economy’s problems.

Once again, short-term thinking and fixes set up the US for a painful future.  One we are now living each, and every, day.

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