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Pablo Picasso said, "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist when we grow up!" I endeavor to remain a child in my art. 3d and digital art have become my passion.
Thomas W. Loker
3d and Digital Artist

Tom Loker - Artist

Tom has had a lifelong passion for art and design. He particularly was drawn to 3D drawing and designs. Initially, Tom spent his time sketching, drawing, drafting, and painting. Often with his sister, Peggy Loker Bell, who became a very accomplished painter.

Tom once had a friend with a Ph.D. in psychology observe his doodling during a planning meeting and remarked he believed that Tom thinks and conceptualizes in 3D. As the computer age began, Tom’s fascination with 3D images for a foothold as the first personal computers began to utilize systems like Point of View Ray Trace,r also known as POVRAY. Tom says, “The ability to work in three-dimensional spaces tightens your thoughts and helps you understand the multi-variable and asymmetrical interactions that exist in reality.”

As the 3D system evolved, so has Tom’s Art. He has used most of the various 3D and 2D applications as they were developed. Today, he spends much of his time drawing, modeling, and painting with Revit Architecture, 3DS-MAX, Blender, SketchBook, and other systems.

Tom is also an accomplished photographer with over 17,000 images in his library.

Here are some examples of his work.


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