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SYDK Press was founded as an imprint within SYDK.ORG to publish distinctive books both fiction and non-fiction in the fields of, general business, management, leadership, finance, economics, technology, public policy and health care written by SYDK principals and associates. Our goal is to publish provocative, compelling books that explore the newest and most powerful ideas in a wide range of fields, from public policy to tomorrow’s technology.

SYDK.ORG is an organization of seasoned professionals with many years of experience in the areas of business design, development, and operation. Its principals have all been directly involved in startups, turn-around, mergers and acquisitions. Areas of practice range from sales and marketing--retail, franchising, wholesale/distribution, manufacturing--both technology and non-technology, health care, public policy, hardware and software design and development, systems management, law, finance, fundraising, strategic planning, operations and implementation, organizational design and compensation, and other areas.

SYDK is planning a number of publications in the coming months and years focusing in these areas to bring you more information and to help you and your team be better able to find the stuff you don’t know!