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SYDK's Principals and Resource Partners can offer an extensive list of services, cost effectivly. Our goal is to get your the answers and solutions in an effective and timely manner. All of our providers offer their sevices at discount to our SYDK Entrepreneurs Resource Center members. We also proved at least 10% of each practice through our mentoring program(pro bono). We also offer a partial equity billing option for much of our for fee services as well.

Business Technology
Application Management

I'ts about strategy, organization, sourcing, metrics, performance management, and cost efficient processes.

Enterprise Architecture

We want IT architecture that improves your business performance, in terms of revenue, time-to-market, and flexibility, and reducing IT spend


IT Strategy & Organization

We develop IT strategies that are tightly aligned to business goals and corporate priorities, and to design organization and governance approaches to deliver the highest value


Value IT

The next frontier for the application of lean, cost efficient structures and processes in business. This powerful methodology has significant impact without being capital intensive


Individual Centered Transaction Systemization

The evolution of the cloud has enabled a series of selection pressures that are evolving a new focus for transactions that save time, storage, bandwidth and money. This is something you want to plan to implement today!



Our partners have unparalleled experience in advising organizations on how, where, and with whom to partner for a wide range of global outsourcing and offshoring opportunities


Tech Enabled Marketing & Sales

Design, select or build, and implement marketing and sales IT systems to capture the maximum business value in the shortest timeframe. We use technology to manage your lifecycles, track sales and channel performance, and improve marketing return on investment


Tech Enabled Operations

Achieve dramatic improvements in productivity and efficiency by using IT to transform operations from the back office to the front line

Technology Infrastructure & Scalability

We assist leading institutions in optimizing their application hosting, network, and end-user environments to operate at scale


Value Based Systems

Our proven methodology ensures that your organization can capture the maximum business benefits and value while also remaining cost competitive.


Corporate Finance
Capital Markets & Managing for Value

With our partners you can apply a capital-markets perspective and value-based management approach to define both your finance function and a corporate strategy that creates lasting value

Financial and Performance Analysis

Many of our partners have access to Experts in New York, London, BeneLux, Denmark, China, Japan, and other major markets. We help clients develop a global perspective on their most important finance and valuation questions!

M&A Transactions and Due Diligence

Maximize long-term value by ensuring that transactions – mergers & acquisitions, alliances and joint ventures, divestitures, and IPOs – are consistent with your overall corporate strategy and stakeholder expectations

Equity Extraction Strategies

Liquidity options have become more, and more, difficult for investors to realize in a timely fashion. We offer additional time tested methods of equity extraction helping entrepreneurs and investors find ways to provide mutual value

Marketing and Sales

Deep data analysis and our broad experience can take the uncertainty out of the branding process and help you create great brands.

Consumer Strategies

A 360° view of consumers, translates insights into concrete business ideas, and enable your organization to deliver exceptional performance

Customer Lifecycle Management

Our experienced keen insights and tools can help you maximize the value of your customer base, and improve the satisfaction of your customers

Digital Marketing

Global expertise across digital analytics, market research, technology, business design, and online strategy helps you take full advantage of digital marketing's full potential

Marketing ROI

We can help you increase the impact of your marketing spend and brand investments

Organization & Capabilities Assessment

Clarify the role of marketing, design your ideal marketing organization, and develop the capabilities you need for real success

Pricing Strategies

With our partners, you can achieve significant and sustainable gains in profitability through superior pricing management

Sales and Channel Management

We can perform comprehensive, end-to-end transformations of your go-to-market and sales organizations by boosting growth, reducing costs, and building best-in-class capabilities

Capital Efficiency

We will help you improve the return on your CapEx investments in multiple ways


We can guide you in transforming manufacturing operations through systems, infrastructure, and employee mindsets as well as providing strategic guidance on manufacturing-related issues such as network configuration, capital productivity, and make vs. buy decision-making

Product Development

We use a fully cross-functional approach, working closely with marketing, purchasing, and production. We apply our expert knowledge to process and product improvement by creatively transferring best practices across industries and applying our partners deep industry-specific experience

Supply Chain Design and Management

We can help with the planning, management, and control of the entire value chain, with the goal of achieving superior customer service at minimal total cost

Service Operations

We are experts at scrutinizing the day-to-day operations in retail outlets, branches, distributed service networks, back offices, and other functions to determine the delivery options that best serve the business strategy,

Human Capital

Compete through talent by shaping robust talent strategies linked to business needs, understanding workforce trends, developing great leaders who deliver results, and building an excellent HR function

Merger / Cultural Integration

Realize maximum deal value from mergers–by tapping the right synergies, building capabilities, shaping the new culture, and speeding up integration

Organizational Design

Rethink organization design to reduce costs, unlock profitable growth, and strengthen both short-term performance and long-term organizational health

Transformational Change

Design and deliver major change programs that create step-change performance improvement, build capabilities, and strengthen organizational behavior to renew and sustain exceptional performance over time

Risk Mitigation
Business and Commercial Risk Management

Establish state-of-the-art credit portfolio management practice and a corporate rating model to support wholesale credit decisions and pricing. We can also help to craft an underwriting strategy for small-business lending in particular industries

Financial Risk Management

Implement effective strategies for managing assets and liabilities as well as allocating capital and integrating it into performance management and business decisions

Operational and Reputational Risk Management

Optimize processes to minimize a companys operational risks and reduce processing costs. We can also help identify procedures and activities that could compromise data security or customer privacy

Organizational and Governance Management

Put in place board-level risk oversight, design and implement a corporate risk-management function, and establish risk policies, processes, and systems

Regulatory Risk and Compliance Management

We help develop and implement regulatory risk and compliance strategies

Strategic and Enterprise Risk Management

We review risk exposures across a company and identify unwanted risk concentrations. We also work with corporate leadership to determine a company's optimal credit rating and define measures to achieve that rating in the next review cycle

Business Unit Strategy

We can help you beat the market by helping you discover the direction, will, and capability to make the necessary changes to your approach to strategic planning

Corporate Strategy

Optimize the mix of businesses in your portfolio, allocate the right resources to support the portfolio, and strengthen the processes you use for strategy development and execution

Global Forces & Trends

Adapt to the rapidly changing global business landscape. We help you define strategies that take advantage of and benefit from global forces likely to disrupt and reshape your operating environment—both near term and long term


We provide a unique perspective on what it takes to achieve profitable growth. We help you choose the right kind of growth strategy by taking an unusually fine-grained approach to identifying growth opportunities


We apply strategic and analytic rigor to the creative process so that you can innovate at scale

Reputation, Government and Regulatory Strategy

We help you develop and manage a regulatory strategy to shape potential regulation and protect economic value

Sustainability & Resource Productivity

We work with our clients to develop competitive bio-based products and energy sources and define sustainable approaches to the use of natural resources

Carbon Energy

We help businesses explore the implications for their strategies and investments

Clean Technology

We help businesses seize the potential and manage the risks

Green Operations

Our client companies can create value by reassessing their supply chains, production processes, product designs, and recycling/reuse

Sustainable Systems

We help your leaders think about sustainability as an opportunity to create value at every stage of their business, from the supply of materials to product design, sales and marketing, and end-of-life management

Water and Waste

Without action, global water demand could outstrip supply by up to 40 percent by 2030, making it increasingly urgent to improve management of water resources. Equally, with almost 75 percent of the world's refuse going to landfill, turning waste into a source of value is becoming a priority for businesses and governments