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Problem Solvers NOT Problem Identifiers!
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Some new things are happening at SYDK. Take a look at the recent changes to our site and you will get a few clues of what is coming very soon!. 

Looking for answers

Tell me if this sounds familiar? As one of the senior executives of your company you are faced with an issue. You may or may not have seen this issue before but you have brought in your team to find the solution. You have engaged your lawyers and accountants to review the transaction or the issues at hand and in the end what you have gotten back is an identification of all the potential things that you can’t do, all the things that can go wrong, and all the potential ways the firm that gave you the opinion will not be liable if you chose to go in any direction! And the few areas where it looks like something they think is the least problematic way directly conflict with the opinion of the other classes of professionals you have engaged. So you are left with having to make a decision—no matter which choice you make their companies are blameless. There still are a lot of things that you don’t know—critical factors still missing in their identification and listing of the problems. Now as you try to assemble yourself the solution you really wanted them to provide, it seems like you carry the whole liability with your investors and shareholders. So it does sound familiar! Well it doesn’t have to be like this.


SYDK.ORG is an organization of seasoned professionals with many years of experience in the areas of business design, development, and operation. Its principals have all been directly involved in startups, turn-around, mergers and acquisitions. Areas of practice range from sales and marketing--retail, franchising, wholesale/distribution, manufacturing--both technology and non-technology, health care, public policy, hardware and software design and development, systems management, law, finance, fundraising, strategic planning, operations and implementation, organizational design and compensation, and other areas.

Integrated Answers  

SYDK.ORG, was founded to create an integrated method to help companies get well integrated solutions to difficult problems. Having "Been there, done that, and bought the T-Shirt," all of SYDK's principles have experienced first-hand, the difficulties executives find as they try to get various teams of people both inside the company and outside professionals like lawyers and accountants to provide solutions. More often than not, what is provided is simply a systematic list of the problems, not ways to solve them. If by chance you do get a solution from one segment of your professional team, more often than not it will be in direct conflict with that of another of your team.


SYDK specializes in helping you corral the process and if required help you manage your teams effectively to bring true solutions from the process. SYDK is the one place you can go to find the right person to get you the answers to the stuff that you don't know. If you find your teams are not getting you the answers you need. SYDK's principals have an extensive rolodex of many experienced professionals, and since we have worked with them before we know how to work with them to get you the best results. If you need it and don’t know how to get it call us. Whether it is taking on the development of a new product, developing a new and innovative method to sell more products, planning what your company will look like and offer in the future or working to change public policy SYDK is THE place to go to get--the stuff you don’t know!